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View an Archived Rant - Tailgate Rescue Crew - Rescuing Tailgaters from the Mundane!

Undefeated. Back to back prime time wins. Game...

brought forth this day: 2015-11-05 23:05:02
and half lead in the NFC South and solo 1st place in the NFC.
Damn it feels good to a Panther! (insert song from the Ghetto Boys).

If you watched MNF from the warm and comfy confines of your couch – thanks for your moderate fandom. Oh…and you missed Meat Sandwiches. About 12 of us ate two tenderloins. So I hope your shitty Wendy’s chili was good on a cold and rainy nite.

If you went to the game – what an experience! It was like watching two native Green Bay Packers fans have sex - ugly, wet, dirty, sloppy, crowded, it took too long, and in the end someone had to deliver a hell’uva kick to make it stop.
But here we sit in the NFC penthouse suite looking down at the league. Like Haus on a work trip, peering thru the blinds in his hotel room at the pool patrons below, we’re screaming, “WHO’S NEXT? WHO WANTS SOME? Granted, our pants aren’t around our ankles, our belts not around our neck and we didn’t just call the front desk for extra hand towels, but besides that….it’s a similar feeling. A feeling of dominance…..minus the shame.

So now the Green Bay Packers come strolling into town with their fancy QB and their cheese curd      look-a-like fans. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it’s hard to hate Green Bay or the fans, for the most part. They’re a storied franchise with nice and friendly mid-western fans. They’d probably give you the shirt off their back – granted it’ll be an XXL, camouflage and come with pre-cut holes for defibrillator tabs – but a nice gesture, none the less.

But come game week, that doesn’t matter (sorry Casey and Jess). It’s time to put the niceties away. This week you’re just another one of Haus’ hotel hand towels. Gonna mess you up and leave you laying around for someone else to clean up.

It ain’t gonna be easy, but Denver proved that with some gritty and disciplined Defense….you’re as pedestrian as they come. But what does a Packer fan know about being Pedestrian? If you can’t get there with a Hov-a Round….they ain’t going. Can’t walk 10ft without stopping for oxygen and a cheddar injection.

This game will be our biggest test yet. But like a Wisconsin woman vs. a Golden Corral Buffet…we intend to remain undefeated.

We’ll be serving BRATS on the flat top! Weather is going to clear up for us and it’ll be nice and cool – good football weather.
Let’s Go…8 and 0!
(To our fellow  Green Bay TGRC’ers…. Ya'll know I’m just kidding. I’m fatter than any of ya’ll)