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View an Archived Rant - Tailgate Rescue Crew - Rescuing Tailgaters from the Mundane!

I heard something absolutely absurd in regards to...

brought forth this day: 2015-10-30 23:05:02
the weekly rant. Someone said, "Jason, you know whatever you put in cyberspace is there forever, if someone really wants to find it." 
HAHAHAHA! You mean all the nonsense I've spewed is immortalized? All the sexually laden, obscene and disgusting musings are there for someone to dig up? All my unsanitized thoughts - from my wife  giving birth, my premarital sexascapdes, the unrelenting written abuse of Haus and Waters and all the other low brow, subterranean thoughts I've transcribed into key strokes- is somewhere on the inter web  for my kids to one day possibly find? HAHAHA!!!!!GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!!
That's as believable as the Panthers having the best start to any season in team history.
What's that, you say? 6-0 is the best start in Panthers history????

Well....fuk me up and down the therapists couch.
Kids, if you're reading this - its your own fault. Daddy told you computers were the work of the devil. I warned you that google searching Tailgate Rescue Crew would conjure up a demon you didn't want to deal with.
Oh well..... Daddy loves you, but he wasn't born with the filter gene. It just comes out. Try to forget what you found. Your mothers had to forget A LOT thru the years.

So... 6 and 0. Something special is happening, people. Not just this season but building for years to come. People often talk aboutteams' windows closing. Ours is just starting to open. And the dank, dark, dusty old death smell that was left by the rotting careers of Jimmy Clausen, Matt Moore and others.....is being replaced with the pine sol fresh fragrance of WINNING.

Got another test and showing under the lights of Monday Night Football. We face the Colts and Mr.  Neck Beard, himself. Andrew Lucks' been referred to as the lead sperm splice of both Manning and Brady that was then implanted in a petri dish grown Montana/Young vagina. He's good. But he ain't 6-0. And based on how he's playing this year, looks like JaMarcus Russell may have wandered in the lab after Brady and Manning gave their deposit and blew a big old messy first round Bust- a- Nut in the mix. 

Let's get it done, people! MNF in the Queen City. 7-0.......here we come.

Go to bed kids.