Playoffs.  For those of you like me, who never...

brought forth this day: 2015-01-02 23:05:01
ever questioned whether we would get to the playoffs- not even once even when we were lost 7 in a row - you're now rewarded!

Doesn't matter how you get here - just get here. And we're here and making some noise and the team is coming together at the right time.
And we've got some unfinished business against Arizona. The last playoff game against them is, by far, the  worst i've ever felt leaving that stadium. But that changes tomorrow. 

I'm not going to send a long lengthy Rant. If you ain't up for this game - I can't help you. But we can give you a Tailgate.
Is it going to be raining? Yep. But we have enough tents to dome BOA'll be dry.
Will you be hungry? You better be - we're smoking 40lbs of butts and 8 racks of ribs, mac n cheese, slaw, etc. 
Do you want to miss it? Hell No! It's the playoffs baby. Win and move on. Right now we're playing good football. We can win. 

But First----------We Tailgate! See you tomorrow. Que will be ready around noon.