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View an Archived Rant - Tailgate Rescue Crew - Rescuing Tailgaters from the Mundane!

4 whole chickens for meat and broth -...

brought forth this day: 2014-10-29 23:05:02
10lbs of rice - Check.
5lbs sausage - check 
Celery, onions, garlic - check
Shit load of butter - check
stewed tomatoes - check.
2 gallon bucket of spices - check.
fog machine - check
Drew Brees vodoo doll - check
Shit......i'm tired of writing the check list. 
Here it is people......the Thursday Nite Saints game! It's Halloween. You ain't working Friday - or at least very little. This game is for first place in the division. Geoff and Lorin are back from Miami their first tailgate. And there is exactly zero reasons you shouldn't be at the Tailgate!!!!

Cooking with me this week - Mista Frenchy Bordeaux! If you don't know Mr. Frenchy - google him. You won't find him there. Or anywhere. He's one of a kind. Gotta come see and try some of his 'Nawings BBQ Skrimp. 
Also at the Tailgate, Mr. McGiblets. Captn. Tailgate and a whole cast of characters. Hell, April is coming as a Trojan Horse - thats a joke (a bad one)  for all you dummies.
You can come dressed as boring ass banker if you want.....but I'd suggest indulging a fantasy. Even those dark ones Haus has to go to Croatia to live out in order to not get arrested.
 Its Thurs Nite Football vs. The Saints, people......get up for it!!!!
I'll be there early. All day. Time don't change for Capt Tailgate. 

PS - DWI checkpoint at 7th near McDowell and another at Park and Scott near Kenilworth. Don't be forced to dress up as a convict on Halloween.