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View an Archived Rant - Tailgate Rescue Crew - Rescuing Tailgaters from the Mundane!

I'd like to send a special THANK YOU...

brought forth this day: 2014-10-24 23:05:02
to Wisconsin State Highway Patrolman, Jess Hanson. He single handedly, caused us to loose that game Sunday.
Many of you may remember Jess - He's been to the Tailgate a few times. In fact, he made one hell'uva Ditka a few years back. He's the godfather to Rusty's daughter and he lives in Wisconsin and is a Packers fan. I got a message last week saying Jess stopped a guy for speeding and the guy was wearing Panthers gear - headed to Green Bay for the game. Jess said "You a Panthers fan? Here's a warning. Tell Big Red I said Hello. And slow down." 

At first I thought that was cool. But clearly he was upsetting the goodwill equilibrium. Therefore the karma gods brought things in order by issuing a beat down. 
Hell, I wish I could blame Jess. Or karma. You couldn't kick enough puppies to death to deserve the beat down GB put on the Panthers. BUT.....we're still #1 in the South. Being the least shitty team in the NFC South is gonna get you in the playoffs - right G-Off? And I ain't talking about football with that last comment, am I Geoff? That's an inside joke, people. You see, Geoff had some.....umm...a malfunction with his bowels last week. A Bowelfunction, we'll call it.

Fact of the matter is, we're leading the South. And up next comes a struggling Seahawks team. If we could get a spark. If we could get a tailwind (sorry Geoff) we might be able to wrap up the division by Thanksgiving. And that starts this Sunday. They're good but they're beatable. We just need to get rolling.

This week starts the WIN train. See ya Sunday. And I hear this is a volunteer Tailgate. A lot of folks bringing food.....Thanks guys. 

 I'll send more later.....but a couple things on the Saints game- 

  • It's Thursday nite. The Night before Halloween. AND GEOFF AND LORIN ARE COMING INTO TOWN!!!! First game back for the both of them. 

  • In honor of Halloween, We're going to have a costume party. Plan on getting your dress up on for the Tailgate! I hear Mr. McGibblets, Harry Cary and a whole cast of characters will be present. This notice serves as plenty of time to think about how you want to embarrass yourself. It's HALLOWEEN!!! Do it up!!!! If you're not sure what to come as, dress up like Geoff or Lorin. Would be funny to see 40 renditions of the same person. Just don't come as yourself. Nobody likes you how you are regularly. 

  • We'll be serving the TGRC version of two 'Nawlings favorites - Gumbo and Jambalya. It's Gumbolaya!!! It looks like Geoff's pants.....but tastes very different.