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View an Archived Rant - Tailgate Rescue Crew - Rescuing Tailgaters from the Mundane!

I feel Better Now

brought forth this day: 2009-09-17 14:53:21
Sunday, Sept. 13th 7:15am till 1:28pm = AWESOME!

Sunday, Sept. 13th 1:29 till 4:00pm = Miserable!

It's taken some time to get over things. The body recouping form the tailgate....the heart and mind from the game.

The tailgate was top-shelf! When it's rolling hard by 8:00...it's a good day. To recap a few hilites -

Beers cracked by 7:30.

NFL Live came by for interview - apparently we were on TV. Our PSL seat neighbors saw us.

Rusty did the days first beer bong with some bloody mary mixed in by 8:15. Rusty also dressed in full tailgate fireman gear and strapped an empty keg to his back

Consumed more than 100 Chicken Wings, 100 Chicken Tenders, 15lbs of BBQ, London Broil, Byrce's Meat Philly Cheese Sandwiches.

Drank 2 full kegs, 3 pony kegs, 4 cases

Performance by the Bigs and the Brass Connection Band (the official TGRC Marching Band)

Girls made pretty sashes for their flip cup outfit and Guys came correct, busting thru the banner with a band playing and smoke filled entrance.

Girls beat guys 10 - 4 in first Flip Cup game.

Had to be 60 people in attendance


I'm sure I left out some things. But that was last week. And we can't look back. Only forward.

So forward it is. This week....more filthy birds. The Falcons are self proclaimed Dirty Birds. Atlanta and Dallas fans are truly Neanderthals. Between them, they couldn't start a fire with a gallon of gas and a book of matches. There are exceptions....but they are few. These are out next two opponents. We gotta have a win this week. 0 and 1 just means you can't go undefeated. I know the team looked like crap. But remember. Control what we can control - Tailgating, Yelling, Screaming, getting intoxicated, etc.

First Away game - We need a game watch people! Bar or house....you decide. But we need it. Talk amongst yourselves. Put some emails out there and let's kick it around. It's a marathon....but that doesn't mean you can run slow. Like I said at the tailgate - I don't want to hear you had too many wine coolers on Sat nite and your tummy hurts....or you watched the Notebook on Lifetime and you're depressed and can't get out of bed. You get up.....put some pants on....slip on that t-shirt.....and get to drinking! You can't be Special....if no one sees you.

In addition to the Panthers game....need to discuss the Big Red College Tailgate the following weekend. Who wants to show some college kids how to F'ing Bring It!!!!!

Let's hear some chatter people.....