Tomorrow is Thursday. There is no Thursday mascot....

brought forth this day: 2013-08-29 23:50:02
No HUMP DAY camel. I wish there was. Thursday is a lead in - a build up day. Need to work on a THURS-DAY mascot.
This Thursday is huge! It's the start of FOOTBALL!!!!!
Panthers game doesn't mean squat. Stay healthy boys, get out of there and get ready to play Seattle. The End.
But College. Oh College. We kick it off in a big way on Thursday. UNC vs USC. Heels vs Cocks. South vs More South. Blue vs. Red (sorta). 
I'm not gonna hype Thursday's Tailgate because, honestly, it's not worth hyping. It's practice. Seattle will be a different story.

Come by for a few beers and the start of Football. I'll be getting their around 5:30, I hope. If anyone knows how to get ESPN with an antenna, we can watch games in the parking lot. Otherwise, find a bar and enjoy.

It's THURS-DAY!!!!!!