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In an effort to infiltrate every aspect of...

brought forth this day: 2013-03-18 23:50:05
your lives....Introducing the TGRC March Madness Bracket. Soon you'll have the option to receive your paycheck in TGRC Dollars and you can spend them at the Big Red General Store.

If you want to participate....keep reading.  Todd "Piton" Horton is running the show so its more info than you need or want...but it's worth it. I hilited the important parts for those with ADHD.

Okay kids. It's that time of year. The one where we spend several consecutive weekends on a porch or the local watering hole praying the efforts of midnight hours burned will bear fruit. No, I'm not talking about road game fall weekends obsessing over the 2nd round bust in your fantasy draft and thanking god you waited until the 5th round to take your QB. I'm talking March Madness! One of the few speed bumps we slow down for between that magical Sunday in February and sweaty hot Sunday's in late August. This will be the inaugural season of TGRC B-Ball Pick'Em. If you're still interested keep reading. If not, it's a fairly safe bet we won't be crossing paths again before everyone hot and sweaty in a parking lot.
Rules are as follows:
All brackets turned in/submitted to the almighty Yahoo Fantasy folks (or me) by tip on Thursday - noonish. Check your local listings.
I do accept hard copy entries
and all scores will be kept in a spreadsheet that will be sent out after each weekend (or more often if I get the urge after a given round) to update everyone on the overall standings, each submissions Final Four and Champ Pick so you have an idea of what work you have left to pull out the W, and/, of course, the deliquents that have been dropped.
All monies in by March 29. I do not take PayPal or Venmo. Go old school if you have to, it's ten bucks.

All comers and friends of the TGRC are welcome and I do not limit submissions from a given person. Yahoo caps at 5 which is generally well more than the 2-3 max I see. Contact me if not. Forward accordingly.
Scoring-It's close to the Fibonacci Default but not quite. It's worked for 15+ years, so it's not broke, don't ask me to "fix" it.
Round of 64 - 1 pt
Round of 32 - 3 pt
Sweet 16      - 5 pt
Elite 8           - 9 pt
Final 4          - 15 pt
Champ         - 25 pt
3rd place and last place (20+ player min for last) - entry fee returned
2nd place - An email saying you are the first loser and $25.00
1st place - Whatever is left. Usually a handsome sum and what we all play for.

League Info
Your group ID# is 96128 and your password is: panthers
TGRC Men's B-Ball '13 (Official online name)

Contact me @ CUTodd23@yahoo.com or by call/text for those with my number if you have questions, need to know how to get hard copies or entry fees to me, problems getting an account set up, any other concern. I will make sure payouts occur ASAP following the Monday Finale.
Happy Madness,
Todd Horton