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View an Archived Rant - Tailgate Rescue Crew - Rescuing Tailgaters from the Mundane!

 December!  Let’s break it down – Dece  -  from.

brought forth this day: 2012-12-07 23:50:02
the root word deca which is a numerical prefix for 10. December is not the 10th month but it is how many games some folks thought the Panthers might win. Those people are wrong.
It’s, also, in 000’s the amount of money you might spend on Christmas.
Ember – The Embers are an awesome beach music band with hits like Cool Me Out, I love Beach Music, and a song they wrote about me, 60 Minute Man. If you’ve ever been to a Beach Music festival you will attest that it is an absolute throw down party. I’d venture to say that I am who I am as a result of the Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival. Go ahead and ponder that one for a while.
Ember is also a glowing hot piece of coal, wood or other long burning material. The Panthers season is a glowing hot piece of shit. Beat you guys didn’t know that you can burn shit, did you.
So to recap…December represents an optimistic, although tragically wrong, free spender of money who listens to Beach Music while trying to set his shit on fire. Sounds West Virginian to me.
But December is also the time of year when we put greed and gluttony above all else and worship material things and feast gloriously on fatty meats and wine. Isn’t it?
The answer is NO. Or at least it shouldn’t be. At least not all of it.
We are Tailgaters! The eating and drinking are inherently apart of that but that doesn’t mean we don’t care for our fellow man.
We are TAILGATING FOR A CAUSE this weekend. And no Hogan….not “ ‘cause you wanna get drunk”….. but ‘cause it’s a nice thing to do and we are nice people and some folks desperately need it. If that’s not a good enough reason, then maybe you’ll be inspired by the tax deduction....it is the end of the year, you know. Gotta get ‘em in before tax time.
When I reminded Todd of this, he went from wanting the "down trodden" beaten for being poor to clearing out his attic and closet to GIVE to the needy. You’ll be able to tell whose life Todds’ had an influence on immediately. It’ll be the homeless man wearing a fish belt, croakies and tucked in button down stripped Oxford with hotdog buns in the pockets. Good Job, Todd.
As stated last week….below are the things needed. Rachel has set this up for us to very easily do something good, nice and decent. You bunch a heathens should be Thanking her for giving you the opportunity to do so much good with such little effort. It’s like Charity for Dummies.

  • Individually wrapped snacks, granola bars, cookies, chips, etc.

  • Instant hot chocolate, drinks, water, etc

  • Ramen noodle or instant soup cup packs.

  • Scarves, socks, gloves, coats, etc in adult and children sizes. 

We play the Falcons this weekend. We beat them last time…we just didn’t win. It’s very possible they beat us by 30 on Sunday OR it may be a close one we pull out at home. That’s really secondary (which the Panthers don’t have this year) to the Tailgate.
We’ll have something in honor of the Falcons coming to town. Maybe Wings. Maybe we’ll release a bunch of birds and watch Haus cry. I don’t know yet. I DO know we have two flip cup games to catch up. Unless, of course, the girls win the first….and then they win this years contest. So step up your game Guys Team.
 See ya Sunday.

And remember... Make sure you Thank Rachel.....on the mouth.