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View an Archived Rant - Tailgate Rescue Crew - Rescuing Tailgaters from the Mundane!

Dearly beloved, we are gathered hear today....

brought forth this day: 2010-12-30 18:04:16
...to pay tribute to the this season. We will not mourn the losses but celebrate what is to come. When the clock hits 0:00 on Sunday, Carolina is "Officially" on the clock for the first round draft pick. We will be waiting and watching with baited breath.

But before we move on....we tip our 40 to John Fox, we toss our pall bearer rose on Jeff Davidson, we give the 21 gun salute to all the bad plays, busted coverage, third and longs, allowed sacks and interceptions. Panthers Football Season....we bid you FAREWELL.

It also allows time to reflect on a great Tailgating year. The ending of the Tailgate season is like taking down the Christmas Tree and decorations. It's a little sad....you remember the parties and the times with friends and family. You giggle about Granny farting at dinner and Aunt Joanne showing off her newly purchased double D divorce settlement gift. You smile about your dad and uncle Todd getting in fist fight over turkey fryer temperatures and your 15yr old nephew finding the "History" you forgot to clear on the internet.

We should, also, reflect postivley on this Tailgating Season. We've Officially become the unofficial Tailgate of Fox News, we're Homies with the Bobcats, we fed the down trodden, Haus kicked off the Official TGRC Fantasy Football League, Big Red went to college for the ACC Championship game, we launched our Website, we've had more costumes than a fucking Broadway show, we honored our fellow Tailgaters and, although it causes much angst for me to say this, the Ladies were victorious at the Flip Cup table. Congrats...enjoy it now because we are coming hard next year! (that's what she said) We consumed copious amounts of cold beer and good food and enjoyed the company of good friends. Sometimes I ask myself how long can we keep this going...and then myself slaps myself for asking myself such a stupid ass question - The Tailgate Goes on Forever and The Party Never Ends!

So as we embark on a period of rest and recuperation...be careful not to slumber too long. Big Red will be active in the offseason and she'll be letting you know about it. She also has plans for a few nips and tucks. She'll be back better than ever - allowing you to suckle from her beer giving teats, listen to the harmonious tunes she bellows and gaze in amazement at her WORKING 42inch TV. Big Red may have to rob a liquor store to get all this done...but she's committed.

So this weekend we'll get together for one last ride. Friday the ole girl is Tailgating the Mieneke Car Care Bowl and then Sunday we'll gather, once again, at Kickstand to watch the Panthers get the shit kicked out of them by the DIrty Birds. Come pay your respects and celebrate what is to come......