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View an Archived Rant - Tailgate Rescue Crew - Rescuing Tailgaters from the Mundane!

Christmas Time in the Parking Lot

brought forth this day: 2010-12-22 13:02:25
Well, we put another one in the books! Some of the best efforts yet! I gotta say this Tailgate season was the Best of Times and the Worst of Times. What we did was awesome! As always, you guys represented but we didn't get much help from the Panthers. But if things go right...Jolly Old St. Nick is gonna stuff a #1 Draft pick down the chimney at BOA Stadium.....and Marty Hurney (or whoever the GM will be) better not break it thinking he can put it together without reading the directions. They're simple - Step #1 - Ensure Top Draft Pick. Step#2 - Draft franchise QB. Step #3 - Put players around him thru free agency. Step #4 - WIN. It's that simple. But alas, all that will play out in due time.

I do want to take a moment to, again, Congratulate all the winners from the awards ceremony.

  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Jenn Gribbin

  • Service above and Beyond Award: Brian Hadella and Eric Boon

  • Just The Tip Award: Jill Fulghum

  • Female Tailgater of the Year - Brooke Hadella

  • Male Tailgater of the Year - Matt Rusnak

You all earned and deserve these honorable awards of distinction! Display them proudly.

Now there's another big event in a few days. When people think about Christmas they may have fond memories of sitting around a roaring fire while sipping hot chocolate. You may open one gift on Christmas Eve and tell each other how Thankful you are for your many blessings. Maybe you watch Uncle Charlie drink all your Dad's good liquor and they get into a fight....again. Maybe you count how many times your Mom calls your Grandmother (her Mother In Law) a Bitch, under her breath. No matter what your Christmas traditions....whether you admit it or not....there's one or two Christmas Carols that you love to hear and/or sing this time of year. You may pretend you don't...but you do. Maybe it's Blue Christmas, or Frosty, or Chestnuts....whatever. You look forward to hearing it and you Rock It when it comes on the radio.

Well....as you know...Big Red is a Holiday junkie. Last year she recited her version of "T'was The Nite Before Christmas" (click here if you don't remember) and this year she'd like to share her favorite Christmas Song. It to the tune of Run DMC's "Christmas Time In Hollis Queens" (click here if you need a refresher on the song). Here it goes:

"It's Christmas Time in the Parking Lot
We're drinking beers and the grill is hot!

Ribs, and Chicken and some Brunswick Stew
Gonna get'cha ass drunk and fill your belly up too.

Panther's suck shit but that's OK
Still gonna get there early and party all day.

The clanging sound you hear is the sound of beer barrels
If you listen real close, sounds like Christmas Carols (Christmas Melodies)

Tailgating so loud and proud your feel it
Fill up a beer bong and straight up kill it!

People are chillin' and the beer ain't out
And that's what the Tailgate is all about.

Her name is Big Red with Siren, Lights and Horn
She spreads Peace, Beer and Love every Sunday Morn.

Big Red is ready so don't be a turd
It's the same time every week and Poplar and 3rd.

So getcha' ass up and don't be late
We wanna say Merry Christmas and Happy Tailgate!!!!"

Silly Big Red...she's such a sucker for the Holidays.

Anyway....I know many are out of town....safe travels and Merry Christmas. For those of you that are still here.....This Thurs we're gonna watch the game at Kickstand. Was gonna do it at my house...but we don't have NFL Network. (Maybe this year Santa). If you're around....come on out.

Merry Christmas All!