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I'm Very Thankful...

brought forth this day: 2010-11-23 19:49:03
This time of year we tend to look around us and take inventory of all our many blessings. It's a time to give Thanks for all that we hold dear. I'm very Thankful for a lot of things in my life...here are a few -

  • I'm Thankful for stress free Sundays - This season I never have to worry about a nail biting game that will have playoff implications.

  • I'm Thankful for expensive PSL's and Season Tickets - Had I not already purchased the tickets....I would be a hell'uva lot more tempted to just stay at the Tailgate.

  • I'm Thankful for our 1:00 games - If I had more hours to drink I would definitely stay at the Tailgate.

  • I'm Thankful for Blue Magic - It gave you silly girls false hope and you believed in IT vs. yourselves. Now we will crush you.

So you see...even when things look bad, there is always a reason to be Thankful. It's all about perspective. It's lemonade from lemons. If we weren't this bad this year we wouldn't have a high draft pick with a shot at a highly rated QB or receiver, or DE, and the list goes on. Sometimes you gotta take a step back to take steps forward.

But enough pontificating from me. Let's talk about what's going on this weekend. You've heard the age old question "If a tree falls in the woods but no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound"? Outside of the Carolina's and Cleveland the rest of the country is asking a similar question, "If the Browns play the Panthers on Sunday, does anyone care"?

This game actually has a decent storyline - Jake Delhomme is in the que to start against his former team. And while it may be like watching two boxers punch each other with cotton candy gloves, it's always interesting to see someone seek to prove someone else wrong. I hope Delhomme plays. I hope he plays well. I also hope he throws some interceptions. I would love for this game to be a three ring fucking circus. That way it's at least interesting to watch. I hope Delhomme throws for 400 yards and 6 INT's. I hope Jimmy Clausen (if he plays) throws 5 TD's to Steve Smith. I want fireworks, and skinny mirrors, and the Himalaya (in reverse), and midgets, and gorillas on motorcycles....the whole nine yards. Nine because neither team will probably be able to get ten.

So if you are feeling festive and interested this Sunday - there's a special location for this weeks game. Everyone come get yourself a seat at CLUB MATANDRA. Rusty is opening the doors for the official House Divided game watch. As you know Rusty is a Brownie by birth. So it's honorable that he openly shares his conflicted spirit this Sunday as two of his teams play. But when the struggle of two teams tugging at his heart gets to be unbearable, what does he do? He turns to a third love.....the Packers, whom he picked up thru marriage. And this girlfriend is actually pretty....she'll make the playoffs.

So sit back this week, stuff your face with turkey and gravy and pie and wine. Declare war on your plumbing. Sleep and fart and burp. And be Thankful you're able to do it.

See you Sunday.