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View an Archived Rant - Tailgate Rescue Crew - Rescuing Tailgaters from the Mundane!


brought forth this day: 2010-09-15 21:37:25
That's the sound of the Turd that the Panthers dropped on Sunday. The recap of the Panthers first game and every one of my prom dates were exactly the same...."Decent first half and moved the ball well....but made too many mistakes, stopped doing what you do best and ultimately left a lot to be desired".
But unlike me and prom dates....the Panthers had the chance to score multiple times. Now they've just got to actually do it - Nobody's out of it after week one.

On a positive note...I'm happy to report that there was a love connection at Wild WIngs on Sunday. Jill Fulghum and Rachel Harris are proud new employees of a seemingly paraymid'esque company called ACN and have promptly found (been assigned) husbands. Congrats to you both. Please don't bring them to the Tailgate.

But speaking of the Tailgate...This is where WE shine! This is where we do what we do best. Now... you've all heard me spew pointless ramblings too many times. I'm sure you've had enough of my long winded/writing, run on sentence having, no sense making, poor spelling laden, wrong context referencing weekly rant emails. So I thought I'd step back this week and allow last years Tailgaters of the Year to address you all and kick of the OFFICIAL Tailgate Season. Now...I may have paraphrased some (all) of their comments. They were intoxicated (not present) when we recorded this. They were speaking from the heart (don't even know I'm writing this) so don't judge them. We are all Tailgate brothers and sisters!
So with that.....Kim and Hogan....take it away......

Now that's what I call passion people! Couple other quick announcements. Big Red rides early. You know that. We'll be in the lot before 8:00. Liquid and solids will be provided per last email. If you want a shirt...please let me know this week via email.

If you haven't seen the pictorial Big Red was a part of last week....please take a look and enjoy.

And Lastly - for a couple of season's I've wanted to put together a place we could all go, at your leisure, and get all the pertinent TGRC info. But since i don't want you all coming over to my house.....we've created this www.tailgaterescuecrew.com .....it's our own Tailgating website!!! It still needs a little work but will be all polished up soon. When finished you should be able to "register" (which means you give me the email you want to get stuff) and vs a long a$$ email every week...you'll get a link to the site and the "weekly rant" will be there for your review. Additionally, the ultimate goal would be to get some sponsors so we can do what we do best and someone else pay for it or supply it. I'm working on it, People.

See you Sunday....it's gonna be a big one!