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View an Archived Rant - Tailgate Rescue Crew - Rescuing Tailgaters from the Mundane!

Well, damn. Certainly not what we hoped for at...

brought forth this day: 2016-12-07 23:05:02
the beginning of the season. There's a lot of blame to go around but it hurts too much to assign the correct amount of blame to the appropriate person(s). So instead of picking apart of Offense/Defense/Special Teams/Coaching Staff.....I choose to just blame Haus, Waters and Hogan. They can take it. Haus has seven sisters so he's gotten blamed for a lot of shit over the years. Waters simply takes it and repackages it as praise like some sort of fucked up human emotional recycling plant. And Hogie, well Hogie has shouldered so much blame it's compressed his spine - that's why he short. I'm short too but mine is just shitty genetics - I Think my mom may have smoked when she was pregnant with me. But, hey, it was good for mom and baby back then.
What I'm trying to say is, it's easier to find a blame surrogate than it is to go through the process of figuring how in the holy hell we went from 15-1 and a Superbowl appearance to top 5 draft pick. So  just find a place to park that blame for a while and we'll get to dealing with it later.

And besides, this weekend is  CHILI COOK-OFF TAILGATE!!!!!!  A lot of the themedTailgates have come and gone but the old Chili Cook-Off is a tradition unlike any other. (Sue me Masters Tournament - i don't give a shit). Every year brings something new - the great Waters Stew debate,  Eric's Who put batteries in my chili saga, Rusty's Oops I made beer cheese soup again chili, Chliary's deal with the devil to be able to read the minds of the disenfranchised to know exactly what their taste buds call for (i would opted for powerball numbers.. but to each their own), Susan's every kinda damn protein chili but beef - and the list goes on and on. Last year, the people spoke loudly and awarded yours truly the top chili prize - A Chili For the People, Of the People and By the People. Pretty much America in a bowl with kidney beans and topped with cheese and sour cream. Just like the founders intended. 

Will it be cold Sunday - Yep - but we have an industrial heater. No excuse.
Does the game mean anything - Nope - but that never stopped us during the Jimmy Clausen, Matt Moore and late Jake Delhomme years.
Could you be doing something else - sure - but that shit ain't no fun, come hang out with us.

So get your spices in order. Prepare your chili. Bring it to be judged by random strangers we find roaming around the parking lot and lets see if you can take home bragging rights. 
And hey, if you fail miserably....blame it on the Panthers. 

See you Sunday.