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View an Archived Rant - Tailgate Rescue Crew - Rescuing Tailgaters from the Mundane!


brought forth this day: 2009-10-15 15:33:38
We all have a story about a high school guy or girl we knew that was very ugly. No one wanted to date or hang around. Maybe you were that person.

But then, you see this person in the future and he/she is remarkably different. They went from a pimply faced, overweight, greasy hair, Dungeons and Dragons dressing, get beat-up and write about it their journal, never seen a real b00bie, Crap-bag... to a bronzed skinned, ripped abs, perfect hair, trend setting, never f'd with, articulate, have their pick of anyone in the room, greek god(ess).

Well, that's what we're hoping for the Panthers. Right now...not to pretty. But with another win, we're .500 - And then, with a cocoon like metamorphosis, the likes of which have never been seen,...we could become that CHANGED HIGH SCHOOL AQUAINTANCE! We must KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!

This weekend, it's the Buffalo Bills! Now Buffalo is a terrible place to live. A lot of the famed serial killers (Bundy, Dahmer,etc) come from the cold Midwest regions and many criminal profilers have speculated that there is a “stir crazy component” that takes over during the cold winter months when you are basically home bound. Well, Buffalo is so crappy it's even too cold to become a serial killer. I've been…. and it's horrible.

My friends, is the only thing good to come out of Buffalo is the Buffalo Wing - Originated at the Anchor Bar. (There is actually an entertaining story behind it). But this is it. This is their contribution to society. This and the countless wasted Bill's Superbowl Champion T-Shirts that were shipped to third world countries after they lost - repeatedly.

Now the Buffalo Wing has revolutionized bar and football food fare everywhere. So….while you never want to Buffalo...you do want to honor this delectable meat treat!

This week's tailgate will be ALL THINGS - CHIKEN WINGS!!! We will have the entire grill filled (probably a few times) with Chicken Wings - manned and meticulously prepared by The Bearded Wonder. We'll have all kinds of sauces and flavors - Hot, Mild, Honey, Sex Panther (it's made with real bits of Panther so you know it works), etc, etc.

We will consume the Buffalo Wing and then go in the stadium and pay homage by kicking the crap out of the Bills.

In addition to just a Wing Fest - it's a 4:00 Game!!!!! So more tailgating time!!! Just b/c the game starts later doesn't mean we do. Big Red rolls early….EVERY SUNDAY HOME GAME. When will you get there?

Guys won a great flip cup game last week. That trend will continue.

At noon'ish we will have a WING EATING CONTEST. The Winner get a $50 gift certificate to a local establishment. The looser get some Tucks Medicated Pads. Also -there will be some other food on hand from the guys next door - some BBQ, etc.

This should be a big one, people! Weather is gonna be awesome. Make sure you come correct!