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View an Archived Rant - Tailgate Rescue Crew - Rescuing Tailgaters from the Mundane!

Wow. Tough week, TGRC'ers.  I've been questioning how and...

brought forth this day: 2016-09-23 23:05:02
why we got to this point. How things can spin out of control so fast. Sure, there have been tensions before but you never thought it would get to this point. 
Now, traditionally, the TGRC is not a forum for this type of dialogue and discussion but these are special times and call call for special measures. And, who knows, maybe we can play a role in the healing. There are two sides to every story and I think it's important that we listen and try to understand both - Seek first to understand. So this week at the Tailgate, I welcome an open discussion- civil and respectful- of the situation. And no matter what side of the table you currently sit, I ask that you engage with compassion and understanding. After all, it's those very things - compassion and understanding - that Brad and Angelina are asking for in this difficult time. So let's talk about it TGRC'ers. Did Brad abuse the children? Is it possible he's not the perfect male, ladies? And what about the temptress that is Angelina....was she cheating on him? And the bakers dozen of kids they have - what's gonna happen to them? All this makes me want to set a trash can on fire.
(and lest anyone think i'm insensitive to the realities around Charlotte, right now....I'm not. This is how I deal with things. Avoid and distract with subpar humorous banter. I'm hilarious at funerals)
And after we purge on that.....Let's get down to some Tailgating and Football. I think it'll do us all some good. This is the Adults Swim Tailgate. So act like a 25 year old again. Shotgun some beers, use profanity, eat glutinous food and have unprotected sex. YIPEE!!!
Next up - The Purple People Eaters. Now, Minnesota must've built that new stadium on an Vikings burial ground b/c they've had some bad luck so far. Their QB rips his knee apart. Adrian Peterson blows his knee out and their Center has been placed on IR. But even with all that, they are still a tremendous Defense. And with Bradford beating Green Bay last Sunday....they are not to be overlooked. 
Carolina's Offense looked good last week but need to eliminate some turnovers. Cam was spreading the ball around like Brad Pitt is about to do his seed after this divorce is settled. But our Defense needs some work. The rookie corners are expected to be a "learn on the job" project but the lack of a pas rush is troubling. Get to Bradford early and often and the Cats are 2-0.

So bring your Jolie puffy lips and your Brad Pitt abs and lets do our part to return to normalcy.