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View an Archived Rant - Tailgate Rescue Crew - Rescuing Tailgaters from the Mundane!

Last Thursday nite I was mad. As angry...

brought forth this day: 2016-09-16 23:05:02
as the taint of nude Tour de France cyclist riding on a rough grit sandpaper covered banana seat.
But that anger subsided - surprisingly with no ointment or salve needed. It was not the same cheap tequila college hangover that the Superbowl induced. You remember those? In bed for days - can't get rid of the trots - Malaria-like night sweats.  And once you recover, you still have flash backs. Weeks later you're at the shitty college town Piggly Wiggly spending the last of your returned book money to get a box of cereal, 24pk of Cup a' Soup (all chicken - ain't no body money for a multi-flavored variety pack) and a case of  Milwaukee' Best when something catches your eye.  The sight of anything Mexican triggers a full blown, shirt off, roid rage type cussing out and tackling of the Old El Passo taco seasonings display. 
No....Thursday was different. Bronco's game was unfortunate and poorly officiated and with a chance to win at the end. But our kicker got the yips. It happens.
For all the folks last year saying Carolina needed to loose one going into the Playoffs - well you got your wish a little early this year. 
So now we come home. We have a ship to right, some honor to defend and some patriotism to project. I won't get started on the obvious with the 49'ers. Nothing's guaranteed on the football field but Uncle Sam is on our side in this one. Time to break a shoe off in somebody's ass. Montana ain't suiting up for the gold diggers anymore. San Fran just a an overpriced patch of land on a soon to be island. 
So for the Tailgate - there are some questions. We HOPE to have our same spot as last year but it's a little unclear as if that'll be the case long term. We're hopeful but jury is out. Without boring you with all the detail, just know that HB2, Harambe, Climate Change, Pokemon and Hillary's Phenomena all play a part.
Good news is we've got our menu's and some organization around all the games this year - excluding exactly where it'll be. That's where the Pokemon comes in - gotta hunt for it!
 For now......It's time to do what we do----Own the Tailgate!!!! Represent!!! BE SPECIAL!!!!!!!
I'll see you Sunday!!!