It was the Redskins game last year when...

brought forth this day: 2016-09-08 23:05:01
I started to think we'd open up the season the following year. This year. The honor bestowed to the Champions.
I was sitting with Haus that game and told him, "We're going to the Superbow." I was right. 
After getting there, I was nearly certain we'd be hanging a banner in BOA Stadium - Tonite. I had already priced a replica Lombardi trophy in exact detail with an added TGRC logo. I was inquiring how to get BigRed in the parade. I had written a speech to give on the steps on BOA. Talked to a zoo about bringing a real Panther to a celebration party. And the list goes on. 
Those plans were stymied last year. But that was last year. 

We ARE playing on opening nite but not in the city I thought. Our city.
But this is a new year. The quest begins again. 
Check out the below. Get hyped.  More tailgate stuff to come after we pop the top SB 51 for #51.

Keep Pounding. Be Special.