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View an Archived Rant - Tailgate Rescue Crew - Rescuing Tailgaters from the Mundane!

Alright, alright. Come on in here TGRC'ers. Huddle...

brought forth this day: 2016-01-15 23:05:01
up, huddle up. Everybody take a knee. 
I wanna talk to you about a few things. I wanna talk to you about opportunity - about accountability - about being special.
Here we sit in support of the 15-1, #1 Seed, league leading Carolina Football Panthers. Feels good, doesn't it? People will say none of that matters now.......i say that's bullshit. Those accolades represent what got them to this point. Its true, that record can't help them anymore....but that record put them, and us, in this spot.
The question is what are they, and we, going to do from this position of dominance.

There might be times and situations in life where opportunity falls into your lap. But they are rare. Opportunity is usually earned. Now, some folks will say that short and semi ugly kid that banged the hot blonde Chi Omega with ample bosom wearing the shirt dress had that "fall into his lap". BULLSHIT! He persevered. He hung around till everybody else went home. He studied her patterns (courts say it was stalking but thats their opinion). I put myself....I mean... He put himself in the position to take advantage of the opportunity. And when it was there....he LEGALLY and WITHOUT COERCION worked game that resulted in opportunity capitalization. Nothing was given.
EXCEPT CONSENT! Consent was definitely given. Let that be clear.
What I'm trying to say is, we've tailgated in a 2-15 season. We've suffered thru Jimmy Clausen, Matt Moore, 5 Delhomme interceptions. We've braved rain, cold and heat. We've been there when very few were.
And now....We (and the Panthers) have put ourselves in the position to tailgate this team all the way to the Superbowl. That didn't fall in our lap. We earned that opportunity. Now... what are we going to do with it?

That's where accountability comes in. It's respectable to give it your all and fail. There is no shame in that. Only disappointment - and disappointment is fleeting. But not giving what's expected of you - not giving your best...that's shameful. Do you think Matt Waters is ever ashamed? Of course not.  Sure....Amanda is usually disappointed, but you can rest assured that Matthew Thomas Millhouse Batholomew Waters, Esquire never gives less than all he's got. And Amanda can always count on that. Probably wishes sometimes he would just give it two grunts and bare down, but that's not who he is. No sir. It's whole damn show.....EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  :(
Accountability is Eric showing up to tailgate in a tuxedo after being out all nite at a wedding Still drunk. And, surprisingly, his tie still tied. Accountability is Brian Hadella answering the morning BigRed rumble 95% of the time. Sick, littered with ticks, crying babies...don't matter. The man hears the rumble and he's out the door. Accountability is knowing if the sun comes up on Sunday, Travis has a trunk full of Coors Light and you can grab one if you display in a State Farm Travis Snider. You can count on these things, people. There is no second guessing. There is no hoping those things happen. Its a given. And that's being accountable.

So when opportunity presents itself, you look for those people you know are accountable - to themselves and the cause. You know they're ready to saddle up and ride. You don't have to tell them to get ready - they are ready. You don't have to tell them to be prepared - they are prepared. You don't have to give them a map - they know the way. You don't have to tell them to BE SPECIAL....they ARE SPECIAL!

TGRC'ers.....the opportunity is in front of us. We're accountable to each other. THIS. IS. SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!

Sunday we will feast on a whole hog that I'll starting smoking tomorrow. We'll drink beer. We'll laugh. I'll probably vomit from nerves. We'll yell and scream and our throats will be as sore as Haus' after a weekend at an all male Miami bathhouse. 
It's our time, people.