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About Us - Tailgate Rescue Crew - Rescuing Tailgaters from the Mundane!

About Us

The Tailgate Rescue Crew is a conglomeration of individuals who stand united under the umbrella of one of the greatest of all outdoor pastimes -- TAILGATING!

Our Mission: To find the next Tailgate opportunity. Our Motto: If you’ll get together for it...we'll Tailgate it!

We’re men and women. We love America. We love sports. We love competing in physically non threatening events such as corn hole, quarters and flip cup. We live vicariously thru others, watching them compete in physically demanding activities and spirited exchanges of strength, stamina and athleticism. We love posting up in a parking lot before the sun rises and consuming copious amounts of adult beverages and fatty, grease laden, delicious meats. We love the sounds of a cheering crowd, the collective OOHHH of a big hit, the speed of a double play, the YANG of a two handed Spalding tattoo dunk and the smell of a victorious burnout. We look upon a parking lot full of smoking grills and tailgating rigs like a mother looks at a new born...with love, admiration and a sense of family.

We are Thankful for the rights afforded us as a Free people. The Right to swear unmercifully at a child or old lady wearing opposing team colors. The Right to eat glutinously, sans utensils, and guzzle beer from a can or funnel without fear of judgment or shame. The Right to concoct a fictitious image of our self that is far superior to our actual abilities. The Right to give awkward high 5's to another man during the joy and excitement surrounding a mutually supported effort without fear of being ridiculed for giving awkward high 5's.

We're both the person you want to be and glad you're not. We're simultaneously, the Thin and Fat Elvis. We're a perfectly cooked Filet and a raw hot dog.

We are the Tailgate Rescue Crew.

Tailgating Bojangles Style Fun Fun Fun