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Well, Shit. Didn't expect 1-3 start. But I...

also didn't expect to get a prostrate exam at 23 years old. 
Guess it goes to show that things can change in an instant in the NFL. And you should think twice about getting a routine physical from someone named Dr. Ben D'over.
But there is still A LOT of football remaining. And we need this one against the Bucs. Cam is out. The D isn't playing well. Offense isn't clicking. But it's Monday nite. It's a divisional game and we need to represent. 
It was MNF vs. the Bucs when the they first stole the original pig cooker. Sonsabitches took a beating that nite and they're gonna take another one this time. Our return to dominance starts tomorrow. No excuses. 
As is tradition against the Bucs, we will be having BBQ. Unfortunately we can't get the whole cooker in the lot this year so I'll be cooking here and transporting it up. Weather is gonna be amazing. Starting to feel like football so get your ass ready - we gotta be special.
Lastly, many of us partied our balls off at hell'uva wedding on Sat. CONGRATS TO MATT...  read the full rant