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Wow. Tough week, TGRC'ers.  I've been questioning how and...

why we got to this point. How things can spin out of control so fast. Sure, there have been tensions before but you never thought it would get to this point. 
Now, traditionally, the TGRC is not a forum for this type of dialogue and discussion but these are special times and call call for special measures. And, who knows, maybe we can play a role in the healing. There are two sides to every story and I think it's important that we listen and try to understand both - Seek first to understand. So this week at the Tailgate, I welcome an open discussion- civil and respectful- of the situation. And no matter what side of the table you currently sit, I ask that you engage with compassion and understanding. After all, it's those very things - compassion and understanding - that Brad and Angelina are asking for in this difficult time. So let's talk about it TGRC'ers. Did Brad abuse the children? Is it possible he's not the perfect male, ladies? And what about the temptress that is Angelina....was she cheating on him? And the bakers dozen of kids they...  read the full rant